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The heart of Southeast Asia, Malaysia is a nation of different races, cultures and religions. France has attained international standard because the high quality education they provide, is closely monitored by the Francen Education Ministry. The main legislation governing education in France is the Education Act of 1996. Studying in France is also preferable because of simple and hassle-free immigration procedures.

France proves its academic excellence by promoting the curriculum of other countries also. The institutions offering these programmes cater to the growing expatriate population in the country.

Why Study in France

- An international standard and high quality education, which is closely monitored by the Francen Education Minist
- Affordable fees & living expenses up to RM 40000
- Hassle free visa procedures
- More than 40,000 international student population from across 100 countries
- International students are allowed to work part time 20 hours per week
- Wide usage of English, which makes studying and living easy for students.

Cost of Studies

In the current courses that we are offering in France the costs are pretty much amounting to NIL figures. Just the tuition fees are to be paid and that will include the accomodation and the food (depending on where they are put up). The approximate fees of the courses there range from 10000 RM to 16500 RM. The cost of living as such is very low in France considering the food, outings, movies, travel by bus or any other personal expenses that the student might wish to do during his/her stay in France.

Document required for Admission

- Passport
- Resume
- Academic Transcript
- Proof of english language
- Refrences
- Medical Certificate

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