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Five important Australian immigration rule changes to look forward in 2019

Five important Australian immigration rule changes to look forward in 2019

Australia is one of the most popular destinations for people to migrate to all thanks to easy and flexible rules and formalities to be taken care of. The country offers numerous job and study opportunities along with excellent facilities in education & healthcare sector. In recent times, the Australian government has come with some vital change in the visa rules and process requirements. Therefore, 2019 will see some key changes introduced to Australian immigration programs.

- Change in eligibility points

Australia has increased the minimum eligibility points required for Australian Skilled point tested visas that fall under General Skilled Migration (GSM) program, which include:

- Subclass 189 Visa (Independent permanent visa)
- Subclass 190 Visa (state nominated permanent visa)
- Subclass 489 Visa (provisional visa)

Earlier, the applicants were required 60 points to qualify for the above visas, however, now they require minimum 65 points to become eligible for the same. The rule was introduced few months back and will be pertinent in 2019.

- Longer processing times for partner visas

According to the Family Violence Bill passed in the Senate last November, partner visa sponsorships are required to be approved first before applications are being lodged.

As per proposed regulations partner visa sponsorship applications would need to be lodged under stricter criteria and need to be approved before the overseas partner visa application could be lodged.

This new 2 step process is expected to delay the lodgment of the overseas partner application and require the overseas partner to have a valid visa until a visa application for the overseas partner can be made.

- Introduction of a new temporary sponsored parent visa

The Australian government is likely to introduce a new temporary sponsored parent visa possibly in the first half of the New Year 2019, which will allow Australian citizens and permanent residents to bring their parents from overseas to Australia.

A total of 15,000 parent visas will be granted each year and once approved, these will be valid for three or five years & cost $5,000 and $10,000 respectively. These visas are renewable, but only up to a maximum of 10 years when combined.

- An increase in show money for overseas students

In 2019, foreign students will have to be able to provide evidence of funds of around $20,290. Applicants bringing in their spouse/partner will need to show an additional $7,100 whereas an additional $3,040 will need to be provided for each child.

- South Australia visa for start-up entrepreneurs

With an ambition of enhancing the economy of South Australia, a new business visa (introduced in November 2018) for start-up entrepreneurs is likely to function all out from 2019.

The Federal Government endorsed-Subclass 408 (Temporary Activity) visa will allow visa holders to stay in the country for three years along with their families.

The said visa won’t require any capital outlay as is the case with most business and innovation visas. However, applicants are required to be under 45 years of age and have an endorsement from the state government to set up an innovative business in the state upon submitting a written business plan.

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