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Work Permit Visa / Sponsorship

Work Permit Visas

A temporary work visa is one of the fastest ways to work and live in any country with work permit visa. This program lets qualified foreign workers to be employed in country for a designated period of time if their employers can show that they cannot find locals to fill the job positions and that by the individual being employed would not negatively affect the country's labour market.

Foreign workers with a wide range of skills can be hired to meet temporary labour shortages. Once hired, the work visa holder can work in any country for the employer for the job offered. Those that have dependants or partners may also be able to work and study in any country.

Basic Requirements

This category is for temporary workers that can fill job positions based on the demand for the labour market which is obtained by the Labour Market. If the country approves that employer can employ a foreign worker then the foreign worker can apply for a work visa. However, depending on the type of job the applicant is applying for, the processing times and requirements vary and some temporary workers may not even require a work visa.

We offer work permit visa for may countries:

- Singapore

- Canada


- UK

- Australia

- New Zealand

- Ireland

- Cyprus

- South Korea

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